About Us

Welcome to Tiffany Home — Your one-stop destination for bespoke home and garden renovation services. Founded in 2021, we are a professional team of nine dedicated individuals, hailing from diverse backgrounds and sharing a singular passion for breathtaking design and top-notch workmanship.

We cater specifically to discerning clientele from the UK’s more affluent locales, with an earnest commitment to exceed every expectation with our refined craftsmanship and to turn dream homes into reality.

Our Team

Our squad, assembled over the years, is composed of supreme talents in the field of design, installations, project management and renovations. Each team member is a specialist in their respective dominion; their collective synergy and proficiency in their individual roles is what makes us a formidable force in the home and garden renovations industry.

At Tiffany Home, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our design specialists are known for their stellar work in bespoke kitchen and bathroom layouts; our experienced project managers ensure each assignment is executed on schedule and within budget; and our installation experts are skilled at bringing design visions to life with precision. Lastly, our garden design and renovation innovators lend their green thumb for spectacular outdoor spaces that serve as natural extensions of your elegant residence.

Our Services

  1. Bespoke Kitchen and Bathroom Design: We excel in functional yet visually stunning bespoke kitchen and bathroom designs. Every design bears a unique quality and a personality that truly reflects your vision.

  2. Project Management: Our seasoned project managers employ a disciplined approach to ensure each project’s timeline, budget, and scope align perfectly with your aspiration.

  3. Home Installations: Transform your concepts into reality with our home installations. We take pride in rendering a flawless user experience through the careful selection and execution of each component, from design to execution.

  4. Garden Design & Renovations: We craft gardens that are not merely outdoor spaces but a thematic continuum of your interior design. Let us help you revolutionise your outdoor living experience with bespoke garden designs and expert renovations.

Through our bespoke design, comprehensive project management, expert installations, and innovative gardens, Tiffany Home is dedicatedly working towards creating spaces that are not merely structures but a reflection of our client’s individuality and style. Sophistication, elegance, and timeless design are amply evident in our work. Impeccable quality, attention to detail, and a touch of personalisation are what sets us apart.

Welcome to Tiffany Home. Welcome to perfection personified.